The New Single + Music Video “Gotta Have It All!” Summer 2022

Sweet P The Entertainer presents Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come

I’m starting on my own production company that will merge my film projects along with my music releases. I plan on putting out more music and videos but I will begin shooting my first first film project this year and follow that up with a couple of tv/internet drama series that I have created. I’m an Actor but I want to move more into the producing/directing side of the business. So my idea is to make a movie about a talented musician that I’m inspired by and make my first biopic with me being the lead actor. Well I’ve been a really big fan of Sam Cooke every since I first heard his classic big hit song titled “A Change is Gonna Come”. After doing extensive research I’ve realized that this man needs his story told the proper way so that people will never forget what Sam Cooke brought to the world. There’s so much to tell about his life story and the truth needs to be heard! I’m raising money to make this life story into a Feature Film. I’m not going through traditional crowdfunding platforms I want to do it all independently! That’s the reason I don’t have them mentioned down below because I’d rather do it myself and build it from the ground up with my own finances. So please feel free to contribute whatever you can to the pre-production costs for the equipment, the locations, the post production, the cast and crew, etc… If you have donated please leave your first and last name in the subscription box below and you will get credit at the end of the movie for helping me make it happen! Just put the amount you gave with the $ after your first and last name so I’ll know that you did (John Smith $20). I will keep you updated on the progress of making the film by email so please don’t forget your email address. Thank you all in advance for your generous donations I really do appreciate all of the help! “A Change Gon Come, Oh Yes it Will!”. Stay Gold! Peace. -SP

Sam Cooke Greyscale

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